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This week, Toronto is exploding with comedy for the 10 day JFL42 festival. Maria Bamford! Our own Sara Dahms is a long time Maria Bamford fan, and caught up with her for a phone interview. Not only are you hilarious but you are also completely open and honest about your struggles with mental health. I cannot speak to those of which I have not had the experience but I do really admire when people are able to do everything they can with what they have. I believe that one person listening is better than a thousand people who are booing. I say that because I also need to keep reminding myself of that. I learned in school that who I am is what is best and that was really helpful to me. I think that is a beautiful message. I think I should shut up!

Ask Me About My New God! (2013)

They just hit my inbox with a pair of tracks from Titus’ new comedy special, so check ’em out below NSFW, or your kids. You have been warned. Just being polite and all Religion and the Dodge Viper

Maria Bamford: She’s survived a nervous breakdown, the fickle comedy MARIA BAMFORD performing at JFL42, Thursday (September 22) and living in Minnesota – dealing with depression, dating and drug cocktails. My mom went back to school to become a therapist when she was in her 40s.

Legendary comedian Maria Bamford joins us to talk odd jobs, negotiating deals and working at Sbarro. Comedian Jackie Kashian shares impressions of Maria’s mom and both women share their “online dating” experiences with some help from Maria’s other personalities. Pular para. Ajuda de Acessibilidade. Email ou telefone Senha Esqueceu a conta? Roy Wood Jr.

Mac The Cheese – Pat Godwin. Mac and Cheese Cheetos? Keto by Pat Godwin. Donnie Baker.

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A young comic is onstage. Another comedian watches their act, nursing a beer he bought with a drink ticket. Emulating Maria Bamford would require techniques beyond the ability of any beginning comic. She combines extreme, confessional vulnerability with distinct, original character voices. Her characters interact in lean dialogues, without scene description. YouTube has them all in order here.

Our own Sara Dahms is a long time Maria Bamford fan, and caught How soon after this special was your Netflix series, “Lady Dynamite” conceived? “your deepest darkest secrets” with the man you were dating and tell We were in our 40’s and in some ways I don’t think this type of thing ever changes.

Positive energy YES! The new site update is up! She was found three months later selling clock radios on the sidewalks of Detroit. A fellow homeless person, who was also a Comedy Central fan, recognized Bamford and eventually her parents were contacted. They brought her back home to Deluth, Minnesota and began to get her help. Maria on Marc Maron’s What the Fuck in segment c.

Maria Explains Global Conflict. Maria recounts her visit to a Morning Zoo radio show. Maria on and in Minnesota. The Maria Bamford Activity Guide. I heard her on the Nerdist podcast recently, and it was great.

‘Lady Dynamite’: EW review

Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. There’s no shortage of stand-up comedians in the world, but it’s the funny women taking over microphones that are most worth your attention. Beyond the Comedy Cellar , unique and powerful women are taking over comedy from every direction. Some dominate Twitter in between gigs. Some have found fame as TV stars who still fit in a set or two on the side.

62 songs available from Maria Bamford. Download Download Maria Bamford – Over 40 and Dating Stream Maria Bamford – Over 40 and Dating Over 40 and.

Skip to the article , or search this site. This piece was brought to you by our [male] commenter Emby. He will be spared. Imagine you want to hash out the singular genius of Breaking Bad with a fellow fan. You mention the show to a friend or co-worker; they stare blankly back. The next person also shrugs. No one has even heard of Breaking Bad.

Now you are sweating a bit and re-thinking reality. How could so many people not know this cultural gem? In case you are of the uninitiated many: Maria Bamford, 43, is a diminutive Minnesotan comic who has been exploding stand-up comedy into surreal directions. With a freakish talent for voices, Bamford creates characters in densely absurd scenarios.

Bite-Sized Stand Up: Maria Bamford, Kristen Schaal & Emily Heller

Maria Bamford: She’s survived a nervous breakdown, the fickle comedy industry and cult status. Now she’s happier, and funnier, than ever. See listing. We both chuckle about that. And can afford a market-rate apartment in Los Angeles and have a dog.

In addition to her standup career, Bamford became a frequent presence on Miss the Excitement; Maria Bamford Over 40 and Dating; Maria Bamford.

She also seemed to have a better handle on it than ever; she thanked her doctor in the liner notes, which also beseeched people suffering from mental problems to get help, because it works and no one should endure them alone. But mental illness continually resists containment, and Bamford found herself struggling even as her career grew more successful. She had a high-profile stint as a quirky Christmas obsessive for Target.

As she described early this year on a fascinating episode of The Mental Illness Happy Hour , Bamford suffered a serious breakdown that required hospitalization, which almost certainly saved her life. See how angry people can get at me! The material is typical Bamford, such as her ongoing resistance to cooking, her attempts to mentor kids in her neighborhood, her dating life, and, as always, her family. That Bamford can comfortably blend more typical stand-up material with dark, deeply personal jokes, and have it all be funny, speaks to her impressive skill as a comedian.

Episode 40: Feminist Online Dating

Sounds pretty hilarious huh? Episode: Podcast: Download I’m Paul Gilmartin. This is the Mental Illness Happy Hour , an hour of honesty

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Right and Wrong. Maria Bamford. Paula Deen’s Suicide Note. Easy Cooking. Gas Station Recipes. Healthy Substitutions. Vegetarian Oscar Schindler. Sister Life Coach. What Belief in God Feels Like. What I Worship. New Building. Neighborhood Mentor. Neighborhood Council.

Maria Bamford Mines Mental Illness for Her Sitcom, ‘Lady Dynamite’

Don’t have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Her delivery is fast, fluid, and so engaging that its swirl collects everything in its realm, while steadily maintaining a frenzy. She is so real, it hurts. She talks frankly, often about mental health issues — her own, in particular.

Holiday markets, birthday beer at Insight, Maria Bamford: A-List Wednesday She then voices someone posting on a dating site: “’I work hard and play hard. I’ll rest 40 Power St., Minneapolis;

During that hour of stand-up, which she filmed in her own Los Angeles living room, Bamford does the following: makes ruthless fun of her parents, who happen to be the only two people in the audience; plumbs her own suicidal ideations and struggles with mental illness for jokes; and takes breaks to administer eye drops to her pet pug, to visit the electrical box after blowing a fuse, to pay the pizza delivery guy, and to pee.

As best as I can tell, the show unfolds on at least four levels. In the present, Bamford plays a version of herself: a quirky, medium-successful L. In real life, Bamford married the artist Scott Marvel Cassidy in But that setup, it quickly becomes clear, is actually a facade: The Bamford we first meet is a character the real Bamford is playing in a TV sitcom about her own life, much like the sitcom the viewer is in the process of watching.

They can deal with form-busting narrative innovations. Those, to be clear, are abundant. At the end of the episode, which is itself a murky exploration of the kind of murky explorations of race that pass for thoughtful TV, Bamford asks Sorvino to unpack just how many layers she built into the role. White on the sitcom White Trash. The real one!

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