MLB London Series: Yankees crush Red Sox as league comes out winning

Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I have been trying to explain to my wife who is not from this country and to my kids ages 5, 3, and 1 what it means to be Red Sox fan. To be a Red Sox fan, you must never give up. It didn’t look good, I admitted, but this is why baseball is the best game in the world. You have to play all nine innings.

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She thinks it is perfect until everything goes downhill for them. Written by Drew-Barrymore-Fanatic.

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The present study examined whether positive or negative valence affects the amount of detail remembered about a public event, and whether positive or negative valence alters other memory characteristics consistency, vividness, and confidence. Memory for the final game of the Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees American League playoff series was assessed in individuals who found the event highly positive, highly negative, or neutral i. Valence did not affect the number of personal details recalled, but it did affect memory consistency greatest for the negative-event group and memory overconfidence apparent only in the positive-event group.

These results indicate that positive events can be remembered with the same types of distortions that have been shown previously for negative events. Moreover, it appears that, in comparison with negative valence, positive valence sometimes can be associated with decreased memory consistency and increased memory overconfidence. Download to read the full article text. Baker-Ward, L. Berntsen, D. Tunnel memories for autobiographical events: Central details are remembered more frequently from shocking than from happy experiences.

Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is one-sided like it used to be

It may seem no more than a catchphrase, but scientifically speaking, RedSox fever is real. And with the team returning to Fenway tonight after two losses againstthe Yankees, the effects are growing more unpleasant. Research shows thatthe dread of repeated disappointment — a feeling familiar to even casualSox fans — can turn an iron stomach queasy, a cheery person into a grouch,and can trigger such strong waves of shuddering apprehension that the mostsedate fan may impulsively jump up and flick off the television.

Perhaps worse news: It’s contagious.

An all-female fight broke out during the Yankees-Red Sox series this week. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have a historic rivalry dating back Bad blood between Yankees and Red Sox fans exists to this day.

In short, all the clips will be old and not particularly moving, because the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is not particularly moving these days. Like a fire, it needs oxygen, and the oxygen went out of the room as soon as the Yankees won the World Series. Because Alex Rodriguez winning a title eliminated the last compelling storyline of anyone currently involved in this rivalry. You won’t find anyone on either team who’s still labeled a postseason choker or a debilitating underachiever.

Sure, AJ Burnett has not played to the level of his contract, and John Lackey has been downright dreadful in his two years in Boston. But they both have World Series rings. Lackey won his with the Angels, yes, and not with Boston; but he did it by winning Game 7 of the World Series as a rookie. You can call John Lackey a lot of things, but gutless and incapable of handling the spotlight are not among them.

For a time, that description seemed perfectly suited to Rodriguez, and it was used by fans on both sides of the rivalry. His wonderful regular seasons were regularly eclipsed by small postseasons, and questionable actions — most notably, slapping at Bronson Arroyo’s glove in the ALCS — opened him up to ridicule.

Boston Red Sox

You are used to winning. You expect things to go your way all the time. It has nothing to do with sportsmanship, being a Yankees fan is about winning at all costs. It would be like a cat dating a bird. Can a smile and some witty banter compensate?

Red Sox Fans Are from Mars, Yankees Fans Are from Uranus: Why Red Sox Fans We’ll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more Andy Wasif is a lifelong Red Sox fan, a sports journalist, and stand-up comedian.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. A couple of years ago, my buddies and I found ourselves drinking some nice craft beer at a dive bar. It was early on a casual Thursday night, with none of us needing to be at work until around 9 A.

Given that vast expanse of time and the fact that all of us happened to be of the single persuasion, we decided it’d be a great idea to talk with every single woman at the bar, ring or no ring. Now, I wasn’t intoxicated, but the conversation flowed more easily than many of my other “speaking engagements” with women.

In fact, I had the great fortune to talk with a couple of women who not only looked stunning, with long brown hair and athletic bodies, but also happened to be sports fans. It was winter, the middle of football season, so naturally my Cowboys fandom was revealed. The two women were from Philadelphia and were diehard Eagles fans.

New York Yankees Fans More Loyal Than Boston Red Sox Fans

Though the gates are still pulled down around our beloved Fenway and George, the peanut man, has yet to roast his first “Pistaaaaaachio”, they’ve already started to swarm around Yawkey Way. Crammed into designer jeans and frequently combing the big hair on both the male and female of the species, they stand out from the much more “normal” Boston fans. Like a circus procession from the Greatest Show on Earth, the Yankee fans have made their way out of Co-op City and GPS’ed their way up Interstate 95 as a three-game series between sports’ most heated rivals is on tap.

With first place on the line, fans from both sides dream of a sweep for no other reason than bragging rights.

Stroman: I was a Yankees fan growing up. Stroman: I don’t know the exact date​, but I know around mid May. Casas gets to jump into Red Sox player pool.

Timeless words from Jackie42 pic. Yankees hitting coach Marcus Thames and Giancarlo Stanton talk about the team meeting and their overall commitment to social justice. Aaron Boone talks about Aroldis Chapman’s blown save and the pain of the Yankees’ seventh straight loss. Clint Frazier lifts a two-run home run to right field to make the score in the bottom of the 2nd.

Brighten up your appearance in video conferences and let everyone see Yankee Stadium behind you. Download now! Yankees manager Aaron Boone talks about his support for Black Lives Matter and the impact of his children on his life and perspective. Jordan Montgomery strikes out six hitters and tosses five innings of work in his start against the Mets.

Yanks fan returns lost Red Sox ring

Gerrit Cole would have walked off the mound to a standing ovation Friday night. The Yankees new ace dominated the Red Sox. He struck out eight over seven strong innings, leaving their sluggers staring at pitches. On a night the Yankees routed the Red Sox , Cole would have been christened by the energy and buzz that surrounds this usually heated American League East rivalry. Instead, Cole walked off to the shouts of his teammates that echoed through the empty stadium.

Mingya,” and “Oh, yeah, well you wish you could date Madonna” echo I wear my Red Sox tattoo proudly and joke with Yankee fans that I also have a NY one.

Rivalries have always played a huge role in sports, and we all know the fun in rooting against a team we hate. In the past, rivals have been compared in a number of ways, from who has the best current team to who has won the most championships to who has the best fans. In the first graph, we have gathered data showing the average transaction price per month for February through May.

As you can see, the Yankees and Red Sox have very different trends. Starting in March, Yankees ticket prices have increased month to month as the season has ramped up. Red Sox ticket prices, on the other hand, have remained fairly constant after an initial decrease moving from February to March. Average Ticket Price Charts:. Two notes about this graph: It likely reflects the comparatively stronger start for the Yankees. We also thought it would be interesting to track the ticket price changes as a percentage change over time — with February as our base month.

This allows us to compare consumer sentiment fluctuations across different teams on the same scale..

Who’s tougher on their players, Sox or Yankee fans?

The Red Sox swept the series and things looked down for the Yankees. Malo, 49, lives in Litchfield and works as a high school guidance counselor in Thomaston, meaning he lives life squarely in the borderland between Red Sox nation to the northeast and Yankees territory to the southwest. We always have to battle.

The date was June 2nd, and the pitchers were Hiroki Kuroda against Clay Buchholz. Matt, the Red Sox fan’s, take on the Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry.

After New York Yankees power hitter Giancarlo Stanton blasted a home run to the top of Fenway Park’s infamous Green Monster at the top of the seventh inning on Saturday, a Red Sox fan took that ball and whipped it back onto the field in protest, hitting Stanton in the arm after a hop as he rounded second base. That’s a pretty impressive feat.

Stanton, who didn’t seem to be hurt in the slightest by the ball, was impressed himself, looking up at the fans on the Green Monster and giving them a smile and a salute as he trotted his way to home base to put the Yankees up in the second game of the teams’ final series of the regular season. The Yankees ended up winning the game In a post-game interview , Stanton smiled when asked about getting hit by the ball, saying that he didn’t think the fan meant to hit him and noting that home run balls from opposing teams get thrown back onto the field at Yankee Stadium all the time.

In fact, it’s not unusual for Yankee Stadium to erupt in chants of “throw it back” after someone catches a ball that the opposing team hit into the outfield stands. After the game, Stanton posted a video on Instagram that cut the footage of the Red Sox fan with footage from the movie Rookie of the Year , which was about a child who had an unnaturally strong throwing arm after getting a freak injury. View this post on Instagram. The final game between the Red Sox and Yankees of the regular season kicks off on Sunday before the respective no.

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